If you could only wear ONE nail polish all summer…

What would you choose if you could only wear ONE color on your fingers and toes all summer? Scary thought, right? We asked a bunch of super influential nail people (plus we also asked around the office, of course) and these are their answers:

Jenna Hipp HIPP RGB Highlighter favorite nail polish shimmer pedicure.com

Jenna Hipp – celebrity nail artist
That’s a very hard question! Just one!? Hummm….  I would have to say HIPPxRGB Highlight is the must-have of the summer season. Like pearly highlighter for the face, Highlight may be applied on a desired part of the nail to illuminate a certain area or layered all over to add a healthy looking radiance and fresh glow.

Patricia Pattie Yankee Halo favorite nail polish nude cream sheer pedicure.com

Pattie Yankee – Celebrity nail artist
Ok, for myself I would say Halo, which is a semi sheer white cream with a pink tint. It’s part of my own polish line “Patricia” available at Ricky’s.

Sarah Waite Chalkboard Nails OPI Vampire In The Buff favorite nude nail polish

Sarah Waite – editor, Chalkboard Nails
Definitely a tough one!
Realistically, I think I’d go with something versatile. A shade like OPI’s My Vampire Is Buff is perfect because it’s refined yet trendy, and the light cream color would look great with a tan!

Naja Rickette Essie Sunday Funday favorite nail polish coral summer pedicure.com

Naja Rickette – reality TV star and celebrity nail artist
OMG! Only one and the same for hands and feet? That is difficult with all the great uber bright summer shades out now. I’d go with Essie Sunday Funday. China Glaze in Japanese Koi is fabulous also. (ed note: she said two! That’s cheating! But they were good suggestions, so we’ll let it slide)

Cheri Ms Critique Orly Harmonious Mess favorite lilac mauve nail polish pedicure.com mscritique.com

Cheri – editor, mscritique.com
Just one? If I could wear one colour polish all summer it would be: Orly’s Harmonious Mess!

Elise Wright editor pedicure.com Zoya Dana favorite nail polish fuschia pink

Elise – editor, pedicure.com
Ugh, why did I make this question so hard! Ok, if I had to pick just one it would be Dana by Zoya. It’s pretty much the perfect shade of pink and it’s the only thing I ever wear on my toes, so if I could only wear one color all summer then I could wear it on my hands too.

Nicole Koskovolis Chanel Riva favorite blue aqua nail polish pedicure.com

Nicole – editorial and social media intern, pedicure.com
If I could wear one color all sumer it would be this aqua-y color.  It really reminds me of summer and matches with almost any summertime outfit. (ed note: Chanel Riva – you have exquisite taste Nicole!)

Ruth Shelling advertising director pedicure.com Essie Limited Addiction favorite nail polish red ruby garnet

Ruth Shelling – Advertising Director, pedicure.com
Only one color?! Is it boring if I say clear? It would have to be a deep ruby red. Looks good on fingers and toes, goes with everything, and is just a little bit cheeky (like me). My favorite is Essie Limited Addiction..

Elise Wright

Elise is a social media strategist from Sydney, now living in NYC, who has a long standing love affair with the beauty industry- especially the nail industry!

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