At Home Nail Art With Naja Rickette

Does it seem redundant to say that this is the summer of nail art? We all know it is. Nail art is not only mainstream now, but it’s everywhere, and it’s something we can all master at home on the couch while watching summer reruns.

We spoke to nail genius, star of WE TV’s L.A. Hair, and all around nice person Naja Rickette about at home nail art, trends, what tools we need, and some simple designs we can all replicate.

pedi mini logoPedicure Dot Com: What are the essential products an at home nail art beginner needs in their arsenal?
Naja RicketteNaja Rickette: 1. Top coat, absolutely! I use Famous Names Lumos bottom & top coat. It dries in 12 minutes flat; you can put shoes on in 12 minutes!!
2. Nail art pens/striper brushes in black, gold, white & silver. These colors are great for lines and to outline other colors, and really pulls the whole look together in a precise way.
3. Dotter tool or anything that can create a polka dot effect.
4. Clean eye shadow padded applicator for ombre and faded looks.

pedi mini logo What’s your prediction for the nail art trend of the summer?
Naja Rickette The brighter the better, and neon will be everywhere.  Hand painted nail art will continue to be big. The accent nail on hands is still relevant. The hour glass nail is my prediction for summer’s best trend.  You take two colors, a base color and then an arched shape going the length of the nail down the center, and this creates an eye catching slendering look to the fingers (as seen above).

pedi mini logo What’s some basic nail art we can all try at home?
Naja Rickette Once you get used to drawing lines or creating polka dots, the sky is the limit. All other art comes from these 2 things, so practice doing dots of all different sizes. You can get dotting tools at any beauty supply or craft store online or in-person. Or, find something around your house, like a chop stick, opposite end of an eyeliner pen… get resourceful.
Another fun and easy one to try out at home involves 2 colors and a clean eye shadow padded wand (ed note: we use makeup sponges and they work just as well!). It is the highly popular ombre look. Pick 2 colors in the same color family with different shades. For example a light pink and a darker pink (think bubblegum pink). Apply light pink over the entire nail. Dab the eye shadow wand into the darker pink and press most of it off BEFORE you apply lightly beginning at the free edge of the nail and lightly pressing down towards the middle of the nail. The darker color and make up wand should have barely any polish on it.

blue ombre manicure nail art
Our editor Elise got handy with some blue and a makeup sponge while watching Jason Statham movies on the weekend. Mmm…Jason Statham

Top images: courtesy Naja Rickette

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Elise is a social media strategist from Sydney, now living in NYC, who has a long standing love affair with the beauty industry- especially the nail industry!

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