In The VIP Chair: Cleo IV Spa & Nail Salon

My little family of three – soon to be four were driving home from our latest shopping expedition (I say expedition because it was cold and wet outside and nobody wanted to be leaving the house let alone shopping for necessities), when I urgently yelled for my husband to pull the car over. Not ideal on my part especially given I am 30+ weeks pregnant so my husband immediately thought I was going into labor.

My outburst was because I had suddenly realized that my nails were chipped and I had a rather important client event the next day. Ok so a tad dramatic I will agree, but I knew at that moment if I didn’t get him to stop the car and let me out at the salon I had spotted across the road, I would not get them done in time for my event. Honestly, the crazy things my pregnant brain worries about and at the most inconvenient times, still baffles me.

I told my husband I would be 20-minutes and invited him to come in with our 3-year old daughter and wait in the salon. He politely declined and said he’d rather watch cartoons with her on his phone while they waited in the car.

So off I waddled across the road to Cleo IV Spa and Nails, it was a beautiful salon, lots of space, no clutter and clean white lines. It could almost come across as a little too clinical if it wasn’t for the spritz of lavender coming from the aroma pod across the room, a nice touch I thought.

I was greeted by the owner who seemed to be very much in task mode as she primped my hands ready for my super quick manicure. Don’t get me wrong she was friendly and professional just seemed to be rushing me to get to her next client, which suited me perfectly given I was starting to feel guilty about leaving my husband and child in the car while I had a much-needed manicure. This was not a relaxing experience, however, my nails looked perfect when she was done. I opted for a dark purple/maroon hue – OPI’s I Sing in Color. The polish job lasted 6-days before I got my first chip, amazing!!

Overall, this salon was clean, well ventilated, professional and friendly. I am not sure if my technician forgot or if they simply don’t offer it, but I am used to getting a 2-5 minute shoulder rub while my hands dry and this did not happen.

I will have to go back when I have more time and see if my experience is more relaxing.


Until next time,

Ruth Shelling

Ambience: Quiet and clinical.

Cleanliness of salon: Really clean, spacious and airy. The ventilation was impeccable I couldn’t even smell any nail products.

Polish: Manicure: OPI’s I Sing in Color Retails $10+.

Polish job & chip factor: Great polish job, my fingers lasted 6-days without a single chip!!

Color range: Vast range of polishes – Essie, OPI, OPI Infinite Shine and CND

Customer engagement: Professional

Price range: Manicure $12, pedicure $28, Quick dry $1,  hot cream manicure $20, spa pedicure $45

Ruth Shelling

As the Publisher for, Ruth has 20-years of media, marketing, and sales experience. Currently, she writes the quirky and funny column In the VIP Chair with Ruth Shelling that is all about the crazy salon experiences she has throughout Manhattan and New Jersey.

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