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NYFW nails

New York Fashion Week Nails S/S 2015 Round Up

Sep 15 • 1891 Views • No Comments on New York Fashion Week Nails S/S 2015 Round Up

If you listen very carefully in New York, you will hear sighs of relief coming from countless designers, stylists, make-up artists, editors, bloggers, you name it, as

Christian Louboutin nail polish commercial

Naily News: Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Commercial

When news came down the pipes last week of the Christian Louboutin nail polish, we downed tools and spent a solid 45 minutes talking about

Jul 28 • 1420 Views

Beyonce manicure

Queen Bey Nails The Foil Wrap

There’s nothing cuter than mother-daughter manis, and of course Beyonce takes it to the next level when she goes matchy-matchy with Blue

Jul 8 • 1374 Views

kylie jenner manicure

Can “Regular People” Pull Off The Kylie Jenner Manicure?

We love Kylie Jenner's style. She looks like a walking Urban Outfitters catalogue - the layers, the ombre, the short shorts, the maxi

Apr 24 • 2899 Views

michael kors spring fling nails

Get The Look: Michael Kors Spring Fling Nails

Celebrity manicurist Gerry Holford gets to have some seriously cool adventures, working on major brands and tending to the talons of the

Mar 12 • 2211 Views

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ShadeScout Nails

Move over matching Lips and Tips; ShadeScout lets you match your polish to ANYTHING!

Dec 11 • 320 Views • No Comments on Move over matching Lips and Tips; ShadeScout lets you match your polish to ANYTHING!

Matching your Lips and Tips is so 2014, the new app ShadeScout lets you match your nail polish to anything you see, literally! Here in the Pedicure Office, we consider

What is TPHP?

Decoding the Ingredients: What is TPHP?

If you have ever looked at the ingredient list of your favorite bottle of nail polish, you might have gone cross-eyed

Dec 4 • 361 Views

spray on nail polish

ICYMI Spray-On Nail Polish is Now a Thing

As much as we love painting our nails, there are some days where it can be a bit of a chore and takes longer than we

Nov 16 • 366 Views

superduper nail polish dupes luxury brands drugstore

Nail Polish Dupes – There’s a Super Duper new polish app online

Don’t you hate that feeling when you find the perfect nail shade and then realize it’s a luxury polish and costs

Apr 23 • 857 Views

hard candy nail polish pedicure manicure

The 90s are back with Hard Candy Nail Polish

The 90’s are making a major comeback with the launch of the Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection.

Apr 16 • 843 Views