• Yuya Nails & Spa Tribeca Salon Review

    In The VIP Chair: Yuya Nails & Spa, Tribeca Salon Review

    Mar 3

    Those of you that have been pregnant and have experienced chilling winters while in your third trimester, understand how hard it is to get out and about to do simple things like get a mani/pedi. I was getting beyond desperate especially as I could no longer...

  • 10 polish hacks

    The 10 Polish Hacks Every Mani-Addict Should Know

    Feb 26

    Attention all mani-addicts, we have compiled a list of the top 10 hacks that will make painting your nails so much easier! Use thinner coats of polish – this reduces the drying time and risk of bubbles. It seems obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how...

  • The Spa The OUT NYC mens spa wellness pedicure

    Nailing It: Winter Spa Recon

    Feb 24

    With the New Year’s onset of extra wintery weather, there is a shift in how our bodies function and react to our continually altered surroundings, especially in New York City. When it gets colder the body craves more energy to keep warm, expressing its...

  • stop biting your nails

    Why you need to stop biting your nails NOW

    Feb 19

    I admit that writing this article feels slightly hypocritical. I was an OBSESSIVE nail biter for years, and it took many attempts at trying to stop before I finally did. I remember the moment I realized just how gross it was; I was in Argentina on exchange...

  • Red Door Nail Spa Mystic Connecticut Salon Review

    In The VIP Chair: Red Door Nail Spa, Mystic Connecticut Salon Review

    Feb 17

    It was Thanksgiving week and my husband and I were heading to Connecticut to spend the holiday with our adopted American family. This holiday is a highlight for this Aussie girl and my Kiwi (short for New Zealander) husband, especially as we don’t have...

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NYFW nails

New York Fashion Week Nails S/S 2015 Round Up

Sep 15

If you listen very carefully in New York, you will hear sighs of relief coming from countless designers, stylists, make-up artists, editors, bloggers, you name it, as...

Christian Louboutin nail polish commercial

Naily News: Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Commercial

When news came down the pipes last week of the Christian Louboutin nail polish, we downed tools and spent a solid 45 minutes talking about...

Jul 28

Beyonce manicure

Queen Bey Nails The Foil Wrap

There’s nothing cuter than mother-daughter manis, and of course Beyonce takes it to the next level when she goes matchy-matchy with Blue...

Jul 8

kylie jenner manicure instagram long nails

Can “Regular People” Pull Off The Kylie Jenner Manicure?

We love Kylie Jenner’s style. She looks like a walking Urban Outfitters catalogue – the layers, the ombre, the short shorts,...

Apr 24

michael kors spring fling nails

Get The Look: Michael Kors Spring Fling Nails

Celebrity manicurist Gerry Holford gets to have some seriously cool adventures, working on major brands and tending to the talons of the...

Mar 12

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children getting manicures how young is too young

Children Getting Manicures – How Young Is Too Young?

Oct 20

Most women will remember sneaking into their mother or grandmother’s bathroom and closet to try on their grown up makeup and clothes (I admit as a 20 year old I still...

china glaze breast cancer awareness

Pink Is The New Black During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is the perfect time to don your pink polish and show support for National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Each...

Oct 13

naild it tv show oxygen

Is Nail Art Dead?

If you think nail art is on the way out, then you are mistaken. Minimalist nails may have been a hit on the runway, but...

Sep 30

Purple Pedicures for PAD Awareness

Purple Pedicures for PAD Awareness

Did you know that almost 10million Americans are affected with a condition called Peripheral Artery Disease, more...

Sep 18

Michael Kors Free manicures

Wow! Michael Kors Free Manicures

There is no sweeter phrase in the english language than ‘free manicure’, right? Of course you agree, that’s why...

Aug 20